Project Description

Privacy Glas, innovative and easy to fit in, now more reachable than ever, prices are By far the lowest in the European market!

There are several branches of privacy glass (also known as LCD Glass) available throughout the world. Next to Intelligent Glass there is also SmartGlass® and Privalite. Each individual product has its own preferences and limitations.

But now there is Dutch Privacy Glass!  Simply from Dutch soil! The highest quality available in Switchable Privacy Glass. Combines the best “Specs” of all the competitors and improves them with giant leaps!


Dutch Privacy Glass is driven by “powerdrives”, specialized electronic transformers, using only 8 watts of power per square meter. Several Powerdrives next to each other are able to “feed” over a hundred square meters of Dutch Privacy Glass”. Easily switched with a wall-switch, remote controls of domotica. Once activated, Dutch Privacy Glass Remains extremely clear as long as the power is on. Switched off the glass will immediately turn into a fine milky white opaque surface, providing ultimate privacy.

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Dutch Privacy Glass offers a large number of unique characteristics:

  1. “By Far” the clearest product of all competitors: < 3% Haze (165 deg. view angle)
  2. Magnificent Milky white when power is in off mode.
  3. The biggest maximum Sizes available worldwide: 1840 x 3600 mm.
  4. Always laminated with the clearest low iron glass available.
  5. Unbelievable maximum sizes: 1850 x 3600 mm.
  6. Dutch Privacy Glass is available for tempered glass doors, in any size or thickness.
  7. Dutch Privacy Glass isn’t only switchable, this type of glass is even dimmable: decide your level of privacy!
  8. The shortest lead times in the market: < than four weeks.
  9. Since locally produced, costs of transport are strictly limited.
  10. IPX 7 Certified: usable as your switchable walk in shower and perfectly save.
  11. Dutch Privacy Glass as laminated glass may be combined with numerous types of glass, such as tinted glass, curved an walkable glass, bulletproof glass and even as fire resistant glass.
  12. Dutch Privacy Glass is available in every type of insulation glass.
  13. Last but not Least: 5 years warranty.

Design Examples

entree, voorgevel intelligent glass, privacyglas

Dutch Glass Design® operating systems

Dutch Glass Design®  panels may be driven by several systems:

  • A simple wall switch
  • Remote controll
  • Sensors
  • Domotica (integrated)  Phone controls
  • Transparency level may be influenced by controllers
  • Timers
  • Door locks/ microswitches
  • and many others


A number of advantages of  Dutch Glass Design® glass panels :

  • Immediate and complete control of privacy
  • Improved users comfort and immense safety
  • Efficient use of rooms in buildings
  • Estetical attraction
  • Energy saving, since less air-conditioning is needed
  • Low energy use by low voltage, certified within European standard
  • UV protection and stability (blocks 99% UV radiation
  • Protection of visibility of valuable thing
  • Extreme visual features and reliable technology; five years of warrant
  • Simple and low maintenance

Some features of our product:

  • Very Thin PDLC foil
  • Toughened doors or panels? No problem
  • Maximum sizes: 1.850 x 3.600 mm
  • Less than 3 % haze!
  • Compact electronics (220 > 110V)
  • Compact power drives, always on stock
  • Extreme short lead times
  • Complete delivery and installation, throughout Europe
  • Lowest price in Europe!