Project Description

Glass balustrade

A glass balustrade unleashes the architect within you. A combination of security through shielding with strong, pervious glass balustrades provides your loft, stairwell, outside terrace, balcony, or even your vide with the architectural appearance you desire. A glass balustrade expands your house.

Balustrade of security glass

A glass balustrade can be manufactured completely transparent, or provide with matt glass, combined with tight stainless steel. Whether it concerns bent or straight balustrades with tempered, laminated glass, colored or sandblasted glass, they will always form a sustainable, pleasurable addition to your interior.

Are you considering custom bent glass balustrades?

We will execute this for you! Whether its concerns connecting with other parts in your house or the safe and transparent border of your balcony, a glass balustrade makes every interior more appealing. Even the combination with a glass staircase or a walk able glass floor belongs to one of the possibilities.[…read more]

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Design Examples

Trap balustrade van glas

Every glass balustrade’s own design in 3D

Glass is playful and fascinating, whether it is applied in or outside the house. That high balcony which always catches wind, but does offer a unique view of the city, becomes a part of your house with a glass balustrade allowing you to enjoy this beautiful panorama sheltered. This makes your summer evenings last even longer! Your design effortlessly executed in combination with RVS frames. It starts with a precise measurement and the selection of the most perfect materials, made visible in our 3D design software, or on paper with an exact drawing. That’s a part of our price conscious quotation in which we describe your custom work in detail. LED lighting can be applied where you wish for a beautifully lighted end result. After your approval your design will be put into production. Due to our way of work you will know in advance exactly how fine your balustrade will be executed and against which price. Nice and transparent!