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ClickitUp® Balcony and Terrace balustrade system

ClickitUp® the revolutionary balcony and terrace balustrade system, with built-in windscreen! From a very tight and safe balustrade to a perfect windshield with only one handshake….

ClickitUp® is made of glass and aluminum, is therefore maintenance-free, wherever you use it! The windscreen section is pushed up to a height of 1.90 meters by 2 synchronized gas springs, which are completely maintenance-free built in, in the aluminum banisters.


Depending on the chosen version, you can use ClickitUp® as a terrace partition with a wind screen, at restaurants and hotels, or at any place where you want to be sheltered from the wind.

ClickitUp® Balcony

You can also use ClickitUp® in the “Balcony” version as fall-safe balustrade to great heights. Here too, the extendable part rises up to 1.9 meters above your balcony floor, so you can enjoy the sun sheltered from the wind, no matter how high your balcony is !! ClickitUp® Balcony has been tested according to the European standard EN 12600: 2002 and of course provided with a CE mark.

ClickitUp® Inside

With ClickitUp® “inside”, you simply place this movable windshield inside your existing balcony, so that you do not place a double balustrade and use the underlying construction as normal.

ClickitUp® Door

By means of ClickitUp® Door you can even integrade a door in your balustrade / wind screen, so that –for example- you can board your boat from your completely safe jetty. […lees meer]

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Design Examples

ClickitUp Inside uitgeschoven
ClikitUp® Inside pushed inside
ClikitUp® Inside pushed up
ClikitUp® Inside pushed up

”ClickitUp® is more than just a glass balustrade. In elevated position, ClickitUp® becomes a perfect wind screen.”

ClikitUp® Inside pushed inside
ClikitUp® Inside pushed up

A height-adjustable glass balustrade with a crystal clear view

ClickitUp® is more than a glass balustrade. On a windy day you can unlock the moving section of the glass balustrade with a pressure release. In the raised position, the balustrade works as a weather and wind screen.

ClickitUp® protects guests at a restaurant against the wind and makes the outdoor terrace a wonderful place to stay. More hours per day and per year. If you are more homely, the height-adjustable glass balustrade ensures a longer and more pleasant outdoor season with family, friends and acquaintances.

ClickitUp® is available for the ground floor (ClickitUp®Standard), for a balcony / terrace (ClickitUp®Balcony) and behind an existing balustrade (ClickitUp®Inside).

ClickitUp®Standard and ClickitUp®Balcony are available as fixed glass balustrades. For more information about height-adjustable glass balustrades, please visit our contact form.